BMW New Concept Car That Can Change Colour 2023

BMW (I Vision Dee) has introduce the brand new idea of new vehicle CES 2023.In this concept design model, You can change vehicles colours as u want. Also this new E ink tech exterior,drivers are capable of select multiple & Combination of mixed colours .


BMW unveiled Wednesday the prototype of a vehicle. Which can extrade coloration and showcases virtual functions like projecting using records throughout the interior of the windshield.

Last year we see that this same car could not had able to change in different colours. At that time, it had only be change into white to black & grey in between.But this new car concept enhanced the previous changes.Now,driver is able to change colour according to his interest, you can change into rainbow colours as well as more features & hue colours will be added in future.

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“Arnold Schwarzenegger”

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse join Arnold on stage & Presents their Vehicle Concept. Image by – Google | Image by

In las vegas, Consumer Electronics was presented this Car concept called i Vision Dee. An actor Arnold Schwarzenegger former Governer of Calofornia. Schwarzenegger made mild of a prototype that become loaded with current equipment. Arnold say’s ” that Im a little worry because, In most of my movies, the machines was my enemies, but now they are the allies”

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse join Arnold on stage & Presents their Vehicle Concept.Last Year, Schwarzenegger partnership with BMW,appearing in ad as well in the role of Zeus( Character). “As a Member of this project im so excited to be here”Say’s Arnold

BMW USA Youtube

“BMW i Vision Dee”

BMW I VISION DEE Image by – Google | Image by

Company say’s that this time they use’s electronic ink technology, which helps in changing the colours like purple,pink,yellow,white & red. BMW ‘i Vision Dee’ is going to the next level of humans & Machines interaction. However, this vehicle is simply a Upcoming Concept and it’ll now no longer be placed on sale, in step with the firm. Company Ceo Say’s (In Future we are going to showing the upcoming tech Changes in our project to the world that what is possible, if we merge together hardware & Software Correctly)

“Body Design”

The frame of the BMW I vision Dee is split into ‘microcapules’. Its like a round particles with a diameter equal to thickness of a human hair. These microcapsules comprise shade pigments that, relying on the selected setting, are inspired by an electrical field. This reasons sure shade pigments to gather on the floor of every microcapsule, giving the automobile frame the preferred shade. 

When requested approximately the motive of a colorconverting car.BMW instructed Mai lOnline that it was ‘a imaginative and prescient of the remote future’.At CES final year, BMW unveiled the iX Flow, which makes use of E-ink to extrade from black to white.BMW i Vision Dee additionally has some of different futuristic functions that ‘make the most the whole capacity of digitalisation’. 

“Driver display Features”

Inside the Vehicles, drivers will able to control the display digital content by using touch sensors on a dashboard close to steering wheel. Driver & the Vehicles will interact each other with ease , with the help of light & sound effects.

“Youtube Video”

Arnold Schwarzenegger With BMW i Vision Dee at CES 2023 –Youtube

“Mix Reality Windshield”

BMW I Vision Dee in this name ‘Dee’ Stands for Digital Emotional Experience. ‘Dee’is also the voice of car assistant.The intention is for Dee to act like other voice sidekicks but also integrate tightly with a coming- generation HUD able of enwrapping the entire windshield, not just the small patch of glass that moment’s systems design onto.


That’s the future of upcoming electric vehicles,Because, as we know that, Ai is improving itself day by day & this technology will Change the Vehicles industry as whole .Like this way, we will be able to explore the full capacity of digitalisation & transform the upcoming vehicles by using artificial intelligence. If you, like us, are curious to look what AR projections at the windscreen of a automobile appear like in motion, wait till 2025 whilst BMW might be including the characteristic to all of its New Classy models.


what is the Upcoming Advanced Model of BMW?

‘i Vision Dee’ is Upcoming Most Advanced Model of BMW. Because, this model describes the best version of human machine interaction.

How Many Colours ‘BMW i Vision Dee’ Changes?

Around about 32 Colours changes in ‘BMW i Vision Dee’. Now, driver is able to change colour according to his interest, you can change into rainbow colours as well as more features & hue colours will be added in future.

what’s the meaning of ‘Dee’ in BMW i Vision Dee?

In ‘BMW i Vision Dee’ ‘Dee’ stands for ‘digital emotional experience’

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