How Many Avatar Movies are there? Complete Information


The movie was released back in 2009 and is still considered as a great accomplishment. It’s none other than James Cameron’s Avatar. With innovative special effects and breathtaking depiction of an alternate reality called Pandora, it soon became among the highest grossing movies ever made. However, one of the top queries for fans, “How many Avatar movies are there?” Read along as we delve more into the Avatar movie franchise, talk about upcoming releases, plus, reveals titles behind future installments as well.

The Original Avatar

How Many Avatar Movies are there

The first instalment on this epic saga was released back in 2009 under the title “Avatar”. The film was directed by James Cameron introducing the viewers to Pandora, its richness and colorfulness and its native people, the Na’vi. With gross revenues above 2.5 billion dollars worldwide.

Avatar: The Way of Water” (2022)

“Avatar: “Avatar: The Way of Water” hits theaters everywhere on Dec. 16, picking up from where the original film left off. With the threat of having the Earth’s Resources Development Administration bearing down on them (including a re-appearance — or rather reincarnation — of Colonel Quaritch in a Na-Vi form), Jake Sullivan (Sam Worthington) and his family struggle to

How many Avatar films are there going to be?

How Many Avatar Movies are there

As it took some time but finally the first part or sequel from the avatar franchise is launching in 2021 i-e James Cameron announced Avatar 3 release date. As of now, there is expected to be four other films released following The Chronicles which made its debut in theaters all the way back in 2009.

Avatar 3, which was filmed around the same time as Avatar: The Way of Water (December 2024) is also upcoming. Principal photography has started on Avatar 4, and it’s set to release in December 2026. Currently in pre-production; Avatar 5 plans to come out on December 19, 2028.

(Or more Avatar movies? )

But wait, there’s more! By June 2023, steps have been taken to make more movies. So, three more sequels will be added to the series. The original schedule planned for Avatar 3 December 2024, followed by Avatar 2 on Dec 18, 2026, and Avatar 4 on Dec 22, 2028. In turn, however, as Variety reported on June 15, 2023 these titles were also shifted by Disney as of June 13, 2023. But for this reason, We Can Expect the movies Dec. 19, 2025, Dec. 21, 2029 . and Dec. 19, 2031.

According to Total Film, in October 2018, Cameron said during an interview published ahead of the release of the second film in November 2022, “ don’t know whether or not I will do more, depending on how this one lands.” And if they had made the decision to terminate the franchise early, he certainly would have put out the third for finality.

But after a week of strong box office numbers in January 2023 for the opening film, we have the green light on the next three movies! In the season 2 premiere episode of CNN’s Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?, the filmmaker said the following according to EW:

Well, with the steam the movie has right now, I think it will crunch above that breakeven in the next few days, actually. So, it seems that I’ve been cornered. I am going to have to make these other sequels.

We’re gonna sit down and talk to the heads of Disney shortly on how we go with Gameplan for Avatar 3 which was wrapped. We’ve already filmed the entire movie anyway.”) And then 4 and 5 of ‘Avatar’ is written. After all, we even have some 4s in the can. So, I think what we have is, you know — I think we’re starting a franchise now.

Unsurprisingly also, the film blew its money-budget wide open. The production budget for this movie was between $250-$379 million and this movie did about $2.3 billion at the box office! Compared to the original film, the box office result of Avatar was $2.9 billion.

Avatar 3 release date

How Many Avatar Movies are there

With this new information from Screenrant — Avatar 3 comes out December 19th, 2025. The third movie will be directed by James Cameron. Avatar 4 will arrive on screens in December 2026 and Avatar 5 in December of 2028. While much of Avatar 3 has been filmed alongside Avatar: The Way of Water, while the bulk of production has wrapped, more reshoots slated through 2024.

What is the Avatar 3 cast?

How Many Avatar Movies are there

Newcomers to the franchise and several familiar faces have been added to Avatar 3’s confirmed cast list. Regarding seasoned entertainers, it incorporates Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Colonel Steve Long as Miles Quaritch, Sigourney Weaver as Kiri; as well as Zoe Saldana as Neytiri. And we have freshman David Thewlis and Michelle Yeoh.

What can we expect of Avatar 3?

In an interview with Variety [5], James Cameron said that the third film in the series would bring about a fresh bunch of Na’vi on Pandora. They’re called “The Ash People” — and they have a connection to fire. Unlike in previous films, Cameron has hinted at the arrival of bad Na’vi as well as good Na’vi and a positive portrayal of humanity for Avatar 3.

This one will pick up the stories of their children, and we’re going to come to all-new worlds in Pandora as well. “There’s a new villain in town with the Na’vi,” said Cameron. There’s also going to be a more personal villain than the anonymous military force of yesteryear.

What is the name for Avatar 3?

Four sequel titles of the film were made known in an article published on BBC News from 3 years ago. According to the report, Avatar 3 was titled Avatar: Then came The Seed Bearer, followed by Avatar: The Tulkun Rider and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa for the later sequels . While Avatar: The Way of Water is accurate and true as the title for Avatar 2 there is no finality on naming the other two.

Avatar 4

Avatar: Producer of the forthcoming movie ‘The Way of Water’ Jon Landau has given more update about their upcoming film ‘Avatar 4’. You did read correctly, it’s the sequel to Avatar 3. During an interview with Empire, Landau elaborated on that leap forward in time, stating, “There’s gonna be a big-ass ‘time jump’…from young teens to fully developed adults.”

As well as following in the footsteps of Kiri , Lo’ak , Tuktirey, and spider from childhood into adulthood, Landsau also confirmed that Avatar 5 (the last in the franchise) would not only visit the earth, but be

Everything we’ve seen and heard about Earth so far has been pretty grim; Landau and helmer James Cameron simply would love to remind us that there’s always hope if you treat the world with some respect. As Landau explains it.

Landau reveals that even though it was “a new backdrop and a different place”, Avatar 5 would keep the Sully clan as its central heroes with the Na’vi influencing events back on Earth.

The Evolution of Visual Effects

And the Avatar movies is known to be visually impressive. Each time out, the franchise has broken new ground in filmmaking, so those hoping for something similar with Avatar 2 and 3 likely won’t be disappointed with some of the advancements we’ll be seeing.

The Legacy of Avatar

While we wonder about the number of Avatar film, it’s uncontestably true that James Cameron’s work will forever be etched in the annals of cinematic history. “The impact is evident from the way movies are made to how advanced technology is being utilized to create these imaginary realms”.