How to Put Tesla in Neutral (Complete Guide)

How to Put Tesla in Neutral


Normally, When you want to shift your vehicle into neutral or Reverse same like similar to shifting a Tesla into neutral is almost the same. But with Tesla, there’s just one more step to make sure you don’t accidentally shift into Neutral. Remember one thing shifting into Neutral may cause your vehicle to roll backward.

How to Put Tesla in Neutral

Putting a Tesla in neutral may not be as easy and straightforward as it putting a traditional gasoline-powered car in neutral. Still, there is an easy albeit contrasting approach which you are required to comply with. Here are the steps:

Tesla Model 3 White

  • Make sure your Tesla is in park mode: Verify that your Tesla is in park mode before engaging the neutral position. Just push down on the gear switch’s “Park” button to make it happen for achieving this goal.
  • Turn on the hazard lights: Subsequently, activate the warning lights by pushing down on the hazard light button at the upper part of touchscreen display. Notifying other motorists that your car is immobile can be achieved through this essential measure.
  • Maintain pressure on the pair of scroll buttons found on the steering wheel. For about five seconds, Hold down both the left and right scroll buttons found on the steering wheel firmly. concurrently. This will put your Tesla in neutral.
  • Engage emergency brake: Once you have shifted your Tesla into neutral, activate the emergency brake to stop any potential motion of the vehicle.

Model 3 and Model Y

When you find yourself in Drive, shift up; if you’re in Reverse, shift down. In case you’re in Park, push the gear stalk either up or down.

In case Autosteer or Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is activated, keep the gear stalk held for over a second to switch to Neutral. After shifting into Neutral, The system for Autosteer or Traffic-Aware Cruise Control will automatically turn off.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Put Tesla in Neutral

Understanding Tesla’s Gear Selector

Tesla has positioned its gear selector on the right side of the steering column. Pushing the stalk up or down allows for selecting various gears. Despite this, placing a Tesla in neutral necessitates following an exact process.  How to Connect Xbox Controller to Tesla Model 3

How to Put a Tesla in Neutral: Step One

For shifting the Tesla into neutral, you must first be seated inside the vehicle with all doors shut. The Vehicle should be powered on, By sitting in a driver’s seat equipped with a key card or paired smartphone, then you need to activate the automatic power-on of your vehicle.

Step Two

Next, you need to press down on the brake pedal. This is a safety feature to avoid any rolling motion, ensure that the Vehicle stays put while putting it in neutral.

Step Three

By keeping your foot pressed against the brake, push the gear selector stalk upwards or downwards to the first detent. Wait just a moment. temporarily, just for a couple of seconds. Putting the Vehicle in neutral is possible by applying this method.

Confirming Neutral Mode

Once you have carried out these actions, you can ensure that the vehicle is neutral by verifying the instrument cluster. The Vehicle being in neutral is indicated by displaying an “N”.

Using Neutral Mode for Towing

Also its important to Knowing how to engage neutral mode in a Tesla is crucial for situations like towing. However, Tesla recommends using Transport Mode for towing. The parking brake is disengaged in this mode and the Vehicle won’t engage park automatically if it remains stationary for over 15 minutes.

Activating Transport Mode

To enable Transport Mode, Select “Towing” option in service mode on to the touchscreen. Carry out the instructions given in order to initiate Transport Mode.

Safety Precautions

Upon leaving your Vehicle, don’t forget to leave your Tesla in park and not in neutral. It could roll away, resulting in an incident. Always ensure you have engaged the parking mode on your Tesla before leaving.


In order for your Tesla to enter neutral, ensure that you apply the brake pedal and hold the gear selector correctly. If you still be experiencing any obstacles, consult the Tesla owner’s manual or communicate with Tesla support if necessary.

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Tesla’s Unique Features

Mastering Tesla’s unique features involves understanding how to put a Tesla in neutral. Tesla’s focus on innovation results a distinctive encounter while operating their vehicles in contrast to traditional ones. Even with that being said, it remains straightforward and user-friendly.

You need to Explore more options available in your Tesla or follow the given instructions by a consultant accessing the official Tesla website They provide comprehensive guides and tutorials spanning across a range of features and operations.

Stay Updated

The continuous evolution of Tesla’s vehicles includes the implementation of new features. Stay informed by regularly examining for software updates and learning about fresh additions and improvements on the Tesla website.

Embrace the Future

In the wider move to promote sustainable and smart transportation includes Tesla’s unique approach to vehicle design and operation. We are all contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future Through grasping and accepting these modifications,.

How to Put Tesla in Neutral

Can You Push a Tesla in neutral?

Yes, you can push a Tesla in neutral. Tesla manufactures cars that are solely electric Consequently, it lacks a conventional transmission system. Rather, the transmission is operated by software and only has one gear. When the automobile is not in a gear, the wheels are not receiving any power whatsoever, and they will travel unrestrictedly.

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How to Put a Tesla in Neutral Without Power?

If your Tesla runs out of power (with the battery level nearing 0%) and the touchscreen is still operable, it is possible to engage Neutral in your vehicle by utilizing the gear stalk. In a different approach, you can consider using the Transport Mode (Towing) should your Tesla need towing services.

How to put Tesla Model 3 in neutral with dead battery?

When the battery in your Tesla Model 3 is entirely flat, you might encounter difficulty trying to put your vehicle into neutral using the conventional method using the touchscreen display. Nevertheless, there exists a technique to shift the car into neutral manually, commonly employed for towing functions. Here’s how you can do it:

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  • At first, accessing the frunk is necessary., or ‘frunk’. If there’s no charge left in the battery, the touchscreen or mobile app won’t work for opening it. Instead, you’ll be required to manually open it. There’s a 12V jump start terminal under the hood With access to this power outlet, opening the frunk becomes possible. When you have access to the frunk, Make sure to spot the tow eye cover on the bumper.
  • On the driver’s side within the frunk, an itty-bitty bag in black is present. Contained within this bag, you’ll find a tow eye. Screw this tow eye into the hole you’ve just uncovered by removing the tow eye cover. Presently, you are capable of pulling on the tow eye. This will manually put the car in neutral.
  • Bear in memory, this approach is generally utilized when it comes to towing. Should the battery in your Tesla be completely drained, seeking help from professionals such as Tesla Roadside Assistance or skilled technicians is recommended.


Safe and efficient vehicle operation heavily relies on understanding how to put a Tesla in neutral. After repeated practice, it becomes automatic despite the initial distinctions despite the initial differences.