Revolutionary Earthquake Technology Japanese Scientists Develop System to Raise and Protect Homes from Quakes in 2023

As Everyone Know that Japanese Scientists never afraid to shake things up, As you see in this image social media claiming that Japan is working on developing a special technology which will Japanese Scientists are Planning to develop a Technology Which will Raise House Bases From the Ground & Protect them From Earthquake.  
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“Introduction of Earthquake Technology”

We searched the internet with applicable keywords regarding this technology and set up some reports regarding this process. A company named ‘ Air Danshin Systems ’, established in 2005, was erecting levitating houses in Japan since 2005 to repel earthquakes.

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Air danshin systems

Air danshin systems, also known as air cushion systems, are innovative solutions designed to mitigate the effects of earthquakes and other seismic events. These systems work by creating a layer of air between a building’s foundation and the ground, effectively isolating the building from seismic vibrations. The air cushion system consists of a series of air chambers that are installed underneath the building’s foundation. When an earthquake occurs, the air cushions absorb the energy from the seismic waves, reducing the amount of force transferred to the building above. This can significantly reduce the risk of structural damage, collapse, and injury during earthquakes. Air danshin systems have become increasingly popular in earthquake-prone regions around the world, including Japan, California, and New Zealand. They are an effective and innovative solution that can provide an extra layer of protection against the devastating effects of seismic events.


In Japan, they created houses able of rising a many centimeters above the face of the earth in the event of an earthquake and being in this position until the end of earthquakes. This technology was developed back in the last decade- still, it attracted attention in the country of the rising sun only after the ruinous earthquake of 2011. The system, developed by the contrivers of Air Danshin SystemsInc., involves a important air bumper that allows the house to hang above the ground for the right time if necessary. A sensitive detector is suitable to descry the morning of seismic exertion in advance. (These Animals Robots will be our future 2023 ).It gives a signal that activates the air compressor. The ultimate takes a many seconds to fill the air with a special pillow between the house itself and its foundation. After the foreshocks, the house sits on a special frame around the border of the foundation. According to new technology, about a hundred houses have formerly been erected in Japan. Some of them aren’t veritably large structures, destroyed by an earthquake seven times agone and also restored according to new technology, without a rigid coupling to the foundation

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Grounded on this technology, the house sits on a deflated air bag during further stable times. When detectors feel a earthquake, they switch on a compressor within a alternate. The compressor pumps air into the airbag at the base of the structure, inflating it within a many further seconds, and eventually lifting the entire house a good three centimeters off its apparently earthquake- evidence concrete foundation.

But the viral image seen in the post shows the house floating in the air fully indeed without foundation. This image is a digitally created illustration and does not directly portray the fashion used to levitate houses in Japan. The same image peoples also share on their Youtube Channals. Australian Students Build the World’s Fastest Solar-Powered EV 2023

“How it Works”

” It would take care of a lower earthquake, I would suppose,” says Deke Smith, Executive Director of the Building Seismic Safety Council and the building SMART alliance, part of the National Institute of Building lores , Washington, DC.” It would dampen some of the movements clearly. I suppose it would be further of a comfort thing than a minimizing damage thing. But I do not know that if you invested in it that you’ll have excluded any problems with earthquakes for your structure.” Top 5 Flying Vehicles Will Change the World

Air Danshin’s shake test dealt only with side- to- side stir and utmost earthquakes aren’t limited to a two- dimensional aeroplane . Three centimeters of levitation will only cover a house from earthquakes that do not rise advanced than three centimeters. noway mind the question of what would be to a floating house hit by a altitudinous surge of a earthquake. It would probably slip right off its foundation. Or, possibly, a strong williwaw might more fluently carry the structure off to Oz.

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Still, indeed if Air Danshin’s system is only good for that rare, side shaking earthquake which noway moves the earth advanced than three centimeters, and saves its biggest jolts for its homestretch, 88 Japanese homes are soon to be build with the airbag and its assemblage. That is 88 trials that will give some data after the coming earthquake. Approximately three million yearning a pop( over$,000), it’s also a sizable knob of change. Burj Khalifa Stunning Future Concept Tall Ring to Surround

” Going out and erecting some of them is good,” says Smith.” That is how we keep perfecting. It may be an idea that will goad notoriety differently studies in some other direction. It may be a feasible piece to a larger result someday.”

Here, the structure will hover, its inhabitants will be able to casually go about their business, for the duration of the quake. BMW New Concept Car Change Colour 2023

The house is established on the airbag and at operation of detectors just hangs above the ground, and residers of the house don’t feel rise. The base isn’t attached to a design, and after soaring the house falls by the frame established over the base. In case of an earthquake the detectors located on house border work. They’re responsible for launch of the delivery compressor which is located in foundation of the structure. It also serves for furnishing” levitation” of the house at the height up to 4 cm above the ground. As the structure doesn’t communicate to the earth, it avoids earthquake consequences.

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Now, the Project is Currently in development, technology to raise homes above ground during earthquakes has been conceptualized by several Japanese companies. “Air Danshin” is the most notable of the bunch, releasing rendered prints of a house floating above ground with balloon- suchlike structures under. In- erected detectors in the home examiner for seismic exertion and temblors. Once detected, the detector will shoot a signal to an air compressor outside the house, which will flow compressed air between an installed earthquake- evidence foundation and the base of the house. More lately, engineers have been probing glamorous levitation for use in the construction space. Japan’s pellet trains calculate in analogous technology, but the conception has yet to be applied to structures. While floating homes are not yet a reality, we would not put it past the Japanese to be first to start the trend. They ’re good at that! World 1st Robot Lawyer To Defend A Human

The idea of the” flying” houses was espoused by numerous Japanese companies thus in the nearest future development has to will appear in other Asian regions suffering from earthquakes. World First Vehicle With Four Tilting Wheels


How to Know that Earthquake is Coming?

Simple answer is we can’t. While we can surely identify areas of the world where earthquakes are more likely to do, it’s actually not presently possible to prognosticate exactly when or where an earthquake is going to be.

What are the Signs of Earthquake?

A large earthquake hard will feel like a unforeseen large jolt followed snappily by further strong shaking that may last a many seconds or over to a couple of twinkles if it’s a rare great event. The shaking will feel violent and it’ll be delicate to stand up. The contents of your house will be a mess.

How We Protect Our Houses From Earthquakes?

1.Choose only Stylish quality Construction Accoutrements..
2.Strong Walls makes your home Earthquake Resistant..
3.Underpinning is important to cover from Earthquake..
Humidity of the Foundation should be constant..
Cover the home from outside Hazards..
Timely form of your home.

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