Will there be a John Wick 5? Release Date, Confirmed, Cast

Should we have a John Wick 5?

John Wick 5

The Baba Yaga is dead. John Wick: Chapter 4 turned out to be the blockbuster of this particular film series and spinoffs have been planned to take that particular assassin storyline forward. Sadly, director Chad Stahelski and crew murdered their money making martial arts movie star, using the nunchaku, in 2023’s smash movie success, and now, a sequel arrives. Star Keanu Reeves is willing to bring Mr. Wick back to life but only if his team finds an appropriate story to tell.

Despite early May 2023’s news about Lionsgate developing the next installment as John Wick 5, it isn’t yet confirmed.

After all, without director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves agreeing to do another one, would the film proceed?

Back in July of 2023 Stahelski —who’s helmed all four John Wick films released so far—confessed that he didn’t know if there will be a fifth . Who knows where that leaves us now that Reeves says he wouldn’t do it without him?

“Lionsgate would love to do more John Wick [movies] and you know what? If a director has a franchise that they wanna go back and do more with, it’s not necessarily a bad thing,” said Stahelski about his take on future projects in

“But I could wake up tomorrow and have a cool idea that I’d pitch to Keanu [Reeves], or he would pitch to me, and it might hit that chord of: “ ‘Ohmygod,’ he said. “ ‘We’ve got to have some fun with this one.’ ”

Given how John Wick: Well, considering chapter 4 just ended, it’s perhaps not totally surprising that we may never see the fifth film. So for now, let’s cross our fingers hoping that Stahelski is up to something and wish us goodbye to John Wick because we definitely don’t want that.

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And since we’re at that point, here’s everything you need to know about a possible John Wick 5.

John Wick 5 potential release date: How soon will John Wick 5 be in theaters!

John Wick 5

We don’t really know when John Wick 5 is coming exactly (possibly), but even if that news was accurate, there still isn’t a set release date for the next film, though.

Next up will be Ballerina, a spinoff with Ana de Armas set between chapters 3 and 4 of the series, on its way to land on June 7, 2024.

And there’s the TV series prequel, The Continental, which is coming in September 2023 to Prime Video in the UK and Peacock in the US.
It’ll probably be at least five years before we have a fifth film (most definitely after that), with absolutely nothing happening right now due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes preventing any movement.

John Wick 5 cast: Which character is returning with John Wick 5?

Even though he is on the position he’s in after the end of chapter 4, there’s no way of thinking about a John Wick film without Keanu Reeves so he must come again!

Ian McShane has most likely returned to his position as Winston, who was revived at the end of Chapter 4; Laurence Fishburne is likely going along with him as the Bowery King too.

As Charon, too, passed away in the fourth film, sadly we won’t see Lance Reddick again, however we might have seen him return in flashbacks. We’ll get to meet Reddick once more as the loyal concierge in spin-off Ballerina.

Besides that, there’re not much other people back you can see. Or Donnie Yen as Wick’s buddy Caine (assuming he makes it through an assassination try from the character played by Rina Sawayama during Chapter 4‘s post-credits moment), maybe?

And who knows Shamier Anderson’s cryptic Track may be back, and also possibly a cameo in the main film for Ana de Armas’ ballerina Rooney (unless she survives that planned film, of course).

John Wick 5 plot: How will John Wick 5 be set-up in John Wick 4 ?

John Wick 5

There’s no avoiding it: At the end of Chapter 4, John Wick seems alive. It seems that Wick has been mortally wounded in a fight with Caine (Donnie Yen) and he tells Winston (Ian McShane), who is his best friend or at least someone who’s made enough to look out for him lately, “Take me

Then we’re treated to a scene with Winston and the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) standing over the gravesite of Wick — with his late wife. But, even though not physically seen, is deaded.

He’d been through a lot earlier though that night, so I guess he was exhausted. We could see a future where in reality Winston assisted Wick to escape by making him believe as if he’s dead and that way he was finally free from the high table.

Stahelski even went on record to say that they actually shot an alternate version where Wick ends up living, and that’s exactly why the dog looks around in the final moments of the movie—because he’s looking for Wick.

That said, will we learn that Wick is simply alive and well and the man who murdered him was just a patsy?

And will they do another film if Reeves/Stahelski wants to return for one?

John Wick 5


The reason every single one of the John Wick sequels exist is because Stahelski and Reeves thought there was something more to tell. Often, this is talked about by the pair when the current release comes out on DVD/Blu-ray in Japan (usually 3 month after its U.S. release).

“He and I will go, ‘All right, Keanu, lets go to Tokyo, let’s go to the Imperial Hotel Scotch Bar,’ we’ll drink, like, 20 year old whiskeys, get fucked up for two days, write stuff on napkins

Because he has said explicitly there’s some degree of enigmatic around how Chapter 4′ ends, so there is room for Wick to come back.

“I’ll have to kind of stick with never say never,” Reeves told EW post-launch. “Well, I couldn’t make a John Wick without Chad Stahelski; you know?

Speaking with Collider in May 2022, Stahelski called the fourth film “a great ending to a storyline that we’re closing off,” and if the fifth film doesn’t exist then there is no more concise closing than dying in the main role.
But it’s also intimated that any potential sequel would make this the first “legacy” instalment in the John Wick franchise — an outgrowth of what we’ve seen before that might tell a different story unmoored from the High Table or the Cont

Chapter 4 does bring in fresh faces (Akira and the Tracker) into the narrative, but they feel destined to show up more in a side story or as minor figures in Kamen Rider Zero-One movie 5.

Is there a trailer for John Wick 5? Have they shown any footage from it yet?

No, they haven’t. They haven’t even started filming John Wick 5 yet, so it’s going to be a while before we see any footage.”