Massive Balloon Ride Into Space travel For $125,000 (2024)


Travel on Space Dream is not a dream anymore. For $125,000 go to Space on this balloon & that might be the cheapest way to go to Space- because Virgin Galactic would cost $450,000. And that is only a 10 minutes ride into space. Space travel is coming in fast & this Company is selling seats on this giant balloon that drifts up into space. And they will actually start taking people up next year (2024). Recent post

Massive Size & Features

Massive Balloon Ride Into Space travel For $125,000 (2024)
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It’s a 6 hour ride. So, 2 hours going up, 2 hours up in space & 2 hours coming back down. And take off & land in the occean. Inside the balloon, you will have bathroom and a bar, instead of a massive blastoff. This balloon rises at about 12 miles per hour & inside they have for 8 peoples & 1 pilot. Recent post Switchblade drones!

The balloon will go up 100,000 feet. Compare that to- when you fly in an airplane, you are usually cruising at around $35,000 feet. Many of the peoples already reserved their seats. MRI Machine


The balloon is like the size of a football field. Its massive, so this company is considered the only carbon neutral space travel company. And once you are in space, you will even have Wifi- but it cost around about $350 a minute to be in this balloon, So you better not be on your phone( But anyway it depends on your choice). Generate Fake Voices of Celebrities & Mislead People

Recent News

Recent announcement follows a successful test flight last week. Space Perspective Neptune One undertook a six-hour, 39-minute test drive without a human on board and lifted off at 5:23 a.m.on June 18 and cruised 108,409 feet in the air before touching down in the Gulf of Mexico about 50 miles off the Florida coast. (Afeela)

Amazing Experience

“It is an incredible privilege to leave the Space Coast, where the history of human spaceflight has been forged over the past few decades and continues to grow,” said co-founder and co-founder Jane Poynter in a statement. “Flying the Neptune spacecraft will be an amazing experience for our space explorers.” Luxurious Motorhomes

Massive Balloon Ride Into Space travel For $125,000 (2024)
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But Space Perspective promises its six-hour journey will still offer spectacular views, particularly of the curvature of the earth and the darkness of space. The plan calls for the space balloon to ascend gradually at 12 miles per hour for two hours, ascend to the top for two hours, and then spend the final hours of the flight in a gradual descent. The capsule will float out to sea, where the ship will pick up eight customers and one pilot, just as NASA and SpaceX pick up their manned capsules.Craziest Drones

Space Perspective

There are other benefits of not flying so high: According to the description, a Space Perspective balloon flight resembles a first class commercial flight currently offered by a major airline rather than an astronaut launch. Guests would have access to WiFi and even a bar. No special training is required; A company spokesman said the pre-flight safety briefing is similar to what flight attendants do today. Animals Robots


The company has already achieved a major milestone by successfully launching a full-size, unmanned, non-pressurized capsule simulator from Florida‘s Space Coast Cosmodrome in June. The next round of test flights will also be unmanned, followed by the first manned test flight in 2023. Metaverse VR


Space Perspective was founded by husband and wife team and co-founders Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum. Both were crew members of Biosphere 2, an ambitious and eccentric project to recreate conditions on Earth in a closed system.They then founded Paragon Space Development Corporation, which develops life support systems for astronauts, and World View Enterprises, a company that develops stratospheric balloons for remote sensing. Earlier this month, World View also announced that it will be offering $50,000 worth of balloon rides through 2024. Electric Flying Bike


A Series was managed by Prime Movers Lab, with additional input from new investors LightShed Ventures, Explorer 1 Fund and Yamauchi No.10 Family Office. Other investors include Tony Robbins, venture capital firm E2MC and SpaceFund, Kirenaga Partners, Base Ventures and 1517 Fund. Ameca


Remember those days, when just astranuts & NASA Members were allow to go to space. But the upcoming situation is different – because Space Perspactive & Space X Like companies will give this opportunity to everyone where you can go to space & enjoy the beauty of outer world & also able to watch stunning views -who are just beyond our imaginations. World’s Fastest Solar


Can i travel into the space?

Travelling in space is not a dream anymore. Space perspective company introduce their new Space travel project -where they will took people in Hot air balloon shape & is just take 10 minute to took you in space. The ticket of one person is around about $125,000, The project is officially launch in next year 2024.

Is there Wifi facility available in Space?

Space perspective company introduce their new Space travel project, In their shape like balloon space ship- Passengers can use Wifi but there is a one thing , it cost around about $350 a minute to be in this balloon, So you better not be on your phone( But anyway it depends on your choice).

How to travel in space?

Travel in space is not dream anymore – because next year in (2024), Company name Space Perspective will took passengers in space-where they will see the beauty of outer world(Space). For $125,000 go to Space on this balloon & that might be the cheapest way to go to Space,

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