Sony Honda Mobility Introduce their Upcoming Most Advanced Vehicle (Afeela)

Sony is launching its very first electric vehicle and it has a screen on the back of the vehicle, So you can write messages to the person driving behind you. This is coming to roads in 2026. But while we’ll cool for tech and innovation, i mean do we really need screens on the back of our vehicles?

Sony Honda Mobility Introduce their Upcoming Most Advanced Vehicle (Afeela) Recent Post

Alert Inform

Also, we not even sure, this would get approve by the government, because they might say that this is too distracted for drivers. So you are sitting at a coffee shop, while the vehicle is charging. You can see charging status , it can alert you when you need an oil change. But why would you be alerted on the back of your vehicle. Like, its okay, i get it.

Sony Honda Mobility Introduce their Upcoming Most Advanced Vehicle (Afeela)
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Notification App

You are going to your vehicle in the morning & you will see it. But they can also easily send a notification on the app or on the dashboard. Metaverse VR Smelling Touching Take Center Stage CES 2023


Electric Vehicle

This is the Sony Vehicle in partnership with Honda. It will be prices as a luxury vehicle. And, of course its an electric vehicle. Electric Flying Bike Could Become your Future of Transportation 2023

Face recognition

Sony Honda Mobility Introduce their Upcoming Most Advanced Vehicle (Afeela)
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You can use your face to unlock and start the vehicle. So you don’t actually have to have like keys or anything. If your face is registered, you are good to go & you can get inside the vehicle.
It’s kind of crazy, because you can’t even manually open the door even if you wanted World First Vehicle With Four Tilting Wheels 2023 (Maybe sometimes it feels annoying to you, because we did’nt use to it). The only way to open this door is through the app. You have to use the app to open the door for you. Ameca The Humanoid Robot Can Mimic


I will say , it is a beautiful design & interior and basically the point of the vehicle is this. One day, we are riding in self driving autonomous vehicle. Then, all of a sudden the vehicle experience becomes much more about the entertainment experience rather than the driving. World’s Fastest Solar-Powered EV 2023


More than a Vehicle

Like the movie, playing inside rather than the functionality of driving a vehicle yourself. Not only does it have a crazy like home theater experience inside the vehicle. But, it’s also meant to adapt with the environment around it. Meaning, it has these media monitor screens. Where you can exhibit all kinds of things like the temperature or the score of the game.Burj Khalifa Stunning Future Concept


You might even be able to customize your own messege on the digital screens. And just becasue you can do a screen in the back does’nt mean you should. Once you ‘re riding in self driving vehicle, you won’t have anything to do. Earthquake Technology Which will Raise House. So you will be excited about viewing screens in vehicle in front of you.
The screen on the back of the vehicle is a littlebit interesting. Becsue the company showing in use case like the score of the football game or the wheather temperature outside. But the drawback of this feature is the person behind you driving could be distracting while driving. Top 5 Flying Vehicles Will Change the World


But, Now this is the concept vehicle, but peoples like this innovation. The company also says that they are trying to make a collaborative effort. If someone’s idea make sense then definitely they implement this idea in this vehicle. BMW New Concept Car That Can Change Colour 2023

Epic Games

Sony Honda Mobility additionally stated that Epic Games, the manufacturer of blockbuster online game Fortnite, is becoming a member of efforts to beautify internet-linked automobile experiences, even though it didn’t divulge specifics. Sony has invested with inside the U.S. online game-maker.


Technology enhanced himself day by day & by using Ai they are looking more insane. And many of the companies & manufactures like Sony and Honda, Now they also move one step forward. They are trying to invent futuristic vehicles as we are seen periodically in our life’s. World 1st Robot Lawyer To Defend A Human


Why Sony Vehicle company collaborate with Honda company?

Because they want to build a unique electric vehicle, Sony have experience high technology & Honda have auto vehicles manufacturing experience. With the colaboration of both comopanies they will build this innovation.

What is the launch date of Sony new vehicle Afeela?

You will be able to buy this vehicle in at least 2025. But in north america the deliveries would not take place until 2026.

Which is the most advanced electric vehicle?

Many Companies are work on their electric vehicles project, but it’s difficult to say that who’s the most advance one. Like recently the Australian students build a solar electric vehicle, but we cannot say that this is the most advance vehicle.
But the Sony & Honda companies are collaborate together & Recently in their showcase they introduce their future concept electric vehicle name Afeela. Majority of the peoples say’s that this vehicle is the most futuristic & advance electric upcoming vehicle.

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