The Last of Us Part 3 Release Date Confirmed Details

The Last of Us Part 3 Release Date Rumoured

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Released in 2013, with the series announced in 2016 and finally released last year. That’s 7 whole years later, than the originals.

It’s also being claimed that The Last Of Us Part 3 is not even in the very early stages of development at Naughty Dog. So we are looking at multiple years before The Last of Us Part 3 comes out.

That is, of course, pending success of the HBO TV show and the remake igniting fan outcry to move forward with a third installment. But given when previous release schedules were, The Last of Us Part 3 isn’t likely to be ready until 2028.

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The Last of Us 3: First Story Details Leaked

And now it appears that a third game in the franchise is being actively developed. That’s according to trusted leaker and frequent Revealer-of-Things @ViewerAnon. Pernell says The Last of Us 3 is in production and it’s Neil Druckmann’s next game.

Early July, ViewerAnon had some more news to tell us. They said Ellie will be equally crucial in Part 3 as she was in Part 2. And we’ll have to say: duh. Of course she will, as she really would be, albeit the main to first game.

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But they also specifically say “major filming is happening this year” more than likely meaning Mo-Cap and Audio. If the game is already of such an advanced level of development, then it’s pretty probable that we’ll get more updates from Naughty Dog soon.
Keep the HBO show in mind, though: assuming all goes well, they will begin to shoot this year too for season 2. There might be a small mistake being made here. So, make sure to take these leaks with a pinch of salt.

Also for the third beloved game series sequel, there’s a hint at #WhereInTheWorldIs (@DanielRPK). He’s got info behind a paywall of his patreon, including further cast besides Ellie and parts of the plot.

The Last of Us Part 3 Release Date


According to that, Naughty Dog is looking to cast these five new roles:


Lucas, a lovable guy who grows close to another scavenger and winds up going bad
– Val, the girl leading the group
Ezra – wants to take over they house from Val
Mason, a former soldier. With Val in charge, Mason must make the decision between his loyalty to Ezra and the house.
Gracie, F, 18-25 no context

If this is the case, this is massive. This feels like its spin-off with its particular cast. How does all of this associate to Ellie’s story, & Abby’s? Will they even weave again? And who the fuck is Gracie?

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Neil Druckmann is well-known for including actors in the evolution of their characters, a practice that has led to unique character traits like Ellie’s appeal with space, which mirrors the regard of her actress, Ashley Johnson. This builds questions about Gracie’s desirable consequence in the plot of the upcoming game, suggesting the potential of a third main protagonist.

The scavenger crew introduced in the recent leak could either serve as a temporary arc in Ellie’s journey, similar to characters like Henry and Sam in the first game, or they might resemble the random groups she encounters, like the Rattlers in Part 2. There’s also a chance that the leak is connected to The Last of Us universe but not necessarily the main game series.

Remember the multiplayer game Naughty Dog hinted at but never released? Such a game would require a cast with its own story, adding to the conspiracy enclosing the leakage.

However, we can only assume until Neil Druckmann himself contribute more details. Given that the original Last of Us debuted in 2013 and Part II came out seven years later in 2020, a third installment might take a similar amount of time, potentially arriving in 2026 at the earliest. Patience will be necessary, but speculating is part of the fun!

How The Story Could Continue In The Last of Us Part 3

The Last of Us Part 3 Release Date

(Spoiler alert for The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II)

The second game abstracted Ellie’s quest for revenge consecutive Joel’s murder and her complex kinship with her girlfriend, Dina. Many inquiries were left unanswered, such as Ellie sparing Abby’s life and Dina vanishing after Ellie’s disavowal.

This frond has ample room for continuity with Ellie as the central character, an ambition shared by many players. It’s conspicuously likely that Abby will also play a role in the third game. There might even be a third main character introduced, each with their own personal story.

In The Last of Us Part 3, the narrative may come full circle. The second game mainly analyzes the conflict between Ellie & Abby, as well as their attempt with distinctive loss, while the yartsa gunbu pandemic stayed a background element.

Part 3 could certainly conclude this extensive storyline. Abby could take on her father’s legacy and work on developing a vaccine, with Ellie possessing the crucial antibody. This would align with a thematic pattern of love, revenge, and redemption (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). The anticipation of Ellie & Abby having to assist offers an interesting chance for battle & resolution. Ideally, fans might hope for a happier ending.

Introducing a third main character could make sense, continuing the pattern established in previous games, although it might extend the game’s length. Ellie and Abby have plenty to address after the events of Part 2, and both characters deserve fulfilling resolutions. Ellie’s story is far from over, as she must mend her relationship with Dina and JJ. Abby, on the other hand, could have valuable information for the Fireflies if they continue to seek a cure, potentially leading to an “unlikely friendship” dynamic.

However, crafting a narrative reason for their collaboration will be crucial, considering their history. Abby’s willingness to travel with Ellie might require a convincing explanation. On a meta level, the chemistry between actresses Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Laura Bailey (Abby), as well as their accolades, suggests that keeping them apart in the story would be a missed opportunity.

Nonetheless, Naughty Dog has a penchant for subverting expectations, so these speculations remain speculative. Ultimately, it’s Neil Druckmann and his team who will shape the story, and fans must trust in their ability to maintain their high standards.

The Last of Us Series Creator Talks About Sequel

Neil Druckmann has been frequently asked about The Last of Us Part 3, and he’s well aware of the excitement surrounding the possibility of another installment. He has acknowledged the interest, stating that he hears about it often. However, it remains uncertain whether this is Naughty Dog’s immediate project.

Previously, Druckmann mentioned in an interview with Hollywood Reporter that “there’s more story to tell.” In another interview with Buzzfeed, he discussed Part 3 again, remaining somewhat vague and suggesting that the decision to continue is still up in the air.

With no clear story concept in place and other projects in the pipeline, it’s unlikely that the team will rush into a sequel immediately. Naughty Dog is likely to give the franchise some breathing room, but The Last of Us Part 3 remains a possibility for the future. Here’s our take on what it might entail.

Other Projects From Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is a bustling studio engaged in multiple projects simultaneously. Here’s a brief overview of their recent and ongoing endeavors:

The Last of Us Standalone Multiplayer: Originally planned as a multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part 2, it has now become an independent successor to the Factions mode from the first game. While Naughty Dog has confirmed this, they have only unveiled concept art so far. Rumors advise that Factions 2 strength adopt a free-to-play model with microtransactions, but this remains unconfirmed. The studio plans to bring its storytelling competence into the multiplayer project, raising expectations for potential presence by the scrounger crew.

Fantasy Game: Persistent rumors suggest that Naughty Dog is working on a fantasy-themed game, possibly hinted at in the TLOU Part 1 remake. Nevertheless, these rumors & leaks should be taken with a cereal of salt, as no official details have been released.

Naughty Dog’s future plans hold much promise, and fans are actively awaiting further evolution.