These Animals Robots will be our future 2023


As we know that Ai (artificial intelligence) is Improved himself day by day & human’s are try to build robots ,who can handle our headache work with ease.

Elon musk once said that Ai is far more dangerous than we think ,might be in future we see these facts as we see in many furturistic robot movies, but there are always some pros & cons about anything.
But that’s true that Ai is better than human’s in many cases. (These Animals Robots will be our future 2023) Recent post


Armies around the world are now developing robots dogs, Spiders robots etc in their services.They are trying to change the world with robotics animals.

These Animals Robots will be our future 2023
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Ghost dog

Philadelphia-Based Ghost Robotics has been offering these multifuntional robots to the US Airforce. Their Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles or Q-UGV for short are literally unstoppable. These robots dogs are equipped with cameras and other sensors, for conducting remote inspection,surveillance mapping missions & patrolling parameter. (Metaverse VR Center Stage CES 2023)

These Animals Robots will be our future 2023 ghost dog robot
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Ghost dog is the most popular robot dog by ghost robotics.This robotic dog is a force multiplier. It can also help in missions by offering extra security. Labled with IP68, ghost dog can be submerged in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters. Recently, Ghost Robotics Made its robo dog even more lethal by equipping it with a sniper. Besides sounding absolutely dangerous is sniper robot gives off sci-fi like vibes.

The Q-UGV can get into a difficult-to-reach position to ser up an ambush as well.President & CEO of Ghost Robotics Jared perich say’s ,We believe we have an incredible purpose here ghost.We build these kind of robotics technology to keep humans out of harm’s way.Think about a firefighter burning,building. Robots goes in consents to fire the gases, that’s pretty amazing. (Electric Flying Bike Could Become your Future of Transportation 2023)

Horizon’s 5G network is really critical to the capability of our robots is really critical to the capability of our robots.As we move forward, as these sensors are capturing more & more data are processing is taking place in the cloud. We have to have a very high bandwidth network than can transmit that are being captured by these sensors. And a fast , efficient,secure network is absolutely critical to the operation of these mobile devices.

Megahex (Spider Robot)

These Animals Robots will be our future 2023 Megahex robot
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There is a youtube channel named Hacksmith Industries, the members of the teamdesigned this gigantic spider robot.They also claimed that this is the world largest hexapod rideable robot .The Megahex Robot is the world largest ‘Gaint Spider Mech’. This giant Spider Robot made by a company hacksmith , that turns fictional technologies into the reality based projects. This three months project was started in 2021,turned into a 1.5 year headache for the company. This project is initially inspired by famous james cameron movie Avatar.

The team explained their project in 30 minutes youtube video.They said that we started this project very well but later on ,We stuck into many technical issues. (Australian Students Build the World’s Fastest Solar-Powered EV 2023)


There is a youtube channel named Hacksmith Industries, the members of the teamdesigned this gigantic spider robot.They also claimed that this is the world largest hexapod rideable robot .

Bogdan Said that when we started work on mech leg’s to work properly , At that time we face many challenges. He also said that ,at one point i was feel defeated while testing the legs. And i thought that we’ve had already face these kind of issues,So thinking about next move was going to a nightmare.

Finally we are successful to getting the legs ready, After that, We designed a control suitable system for one pilot. Bordan said that Now we feel confident, Withal we know that the New challenges are coming on our way. (Top 5 Flying Vehicles)

This Project was more complicated than we thought.The timing and the cost was just way over estimated.

Its not clear that how much the company invest on this project. Company Co-Founder said that’s the reason companies goes bankrupt, because they don’t have enough budgets to continue their journey.

Japanese Scientists are Working On a Earthquake Technology Which will Raise House Bases From the Ground & Protect them From Earthquake 2023.

Robots Birds


These Animals Robots will be our future 2023 PigeonBot
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Try as they might, even the maximum superior roboticists on Earth battle to recreate the convenient beauty and performance with which birds fly thru the air. The “PigeonBot” from Stanford researchers takes a step closer to converting that via way of means of investigating and demonstrating the precise characteristics of feathered flight.

On a superficial level, Pigeon Bot appears a bit, lets say, like a college project. But a number of concept went into this as an alternative haphazard-searching contraption. Turns out the manner birds fly is without a doubt now no longer thoroughly understood, as the connection among the dynamic wing form and positions of character feathers are notable complex. (Burj Khalifa Stunning Future Concept )


Mechanical engineering professor David Lentink challenged a number of his graduate college students to “dissect the bio mechanics of the avian wing morphing mechanism and encompass those insights in a morphing bio hybrid robotic that capabilities actual flight feathers,” taking as their version the not unusual place pigeon — the resilience of which Lentink admires. (World First Vehicle With 4 Tilting Wheels 2023)

Robo Raven

These Animals Robots will be our future 2023 robo raven
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It takes approximately fourteen days—and hundreds of earlier generations—for fledging ravens to grasp flight. It is a feat so complicated that a group of mechanical engineers has spent thirteen years designing and enhancing their drone chook, Robo Raven.

Robo Raven has proven some of robot chook firsts, in addition to taught its builders the significance of entire device wondering, checking out previous to pricey and volatile actual flights, and wondering outdoor the box. (BMW New Concept Car That Can Change Colour)


“We desired to enter this area doing matters in a different way than all and sundry else,” stated Satyandra K. Gupta, robotics researcher on the University of Southern California, who teamed up in this undertaking with John Gerdes, mechanical engineer from the U.S. Army Research Lab, and Hugh Bruck from the Mechanical Engineering Department on the University of Maryland, in addition to numerous engineering students.


These Animals Robots will be our future 2023 BionicSwift
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Festo has constructed miniaturised robots before, however not anything pretty like those birds, which might be capable of flutter via the air, gliding or even directing themselves way to a radio system.

Officially known as the BionicSwift, the following era robotic is capable of fly way to ultra-light-weight synthetic feathers. Each tool weighs simplest forty two grams, which means 9 of them might weigh similar to a complete gentle drink can – or approximately two times as lots as a actual swallow.


Festo has controlled to get the birds to fly with practical movement way to the synthetic feathers and gentle plates overlaying their bodies. (World 1st Robot Lawyer To Defend A Human


Are animals robots really exist?

Yes they are , many companies already work on their projects .Where we see robotics technology , Like Dogs, Giant Spiders etc, who follow the human instructions. For Example
1. Ghost Dog
2. Megahex (Spider Robot)

Is there a robot who look like Spider?

Yes there is a robot named Megahex ,developed by youtube team Hacksmith Industries& this robot is also looks like a spider.

Are Robots Birds Exist?

Yes, many companies work on Air birds technologies like:
1. PigeonBot
2. Robo Raven
3. BionicSwift

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