World 1st Robot Lawyer To Defend A Human In Court Next Month( February) 2023


First time in Human History! An AI Robot is going to defend a human in Court. Now, Robots are going to take over on those places where humans stand in past. Next Month in February “World 1st Robot Lawyer” is going to defend a human in court.

It takes a certain position of confidence to place your freedom in the hands of an artificial intelligence( AI) bot. Sure we trust AI with lower life- altering issues like regular work and entertainment, but legal matters are another matter.

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The Robot’s makers have not bared the court’s position, the defendant’s name, or the specific legal matter that will be heard in February. It’s doubtful to be too serious a charge. That’s not the kind of first test any company wants to give its product.

“The First Trail”

First AI Robot court trial, including the exact dates and locations, are being kept non public by the company Made World 1st Robot Lawyer DoNotPay. The trial represents a significant corner for AI and raises questions about the eventuality for robots to play a larger part in the legal field in the future.

“Joshua Browder”

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Joshua Browder describes his app DoNotPay as” the world’s first robot counsel”.

It helps druggies draft legal letters. You tell its chatbot what your problem is, similar as appealing against a parking forfeiture, and it’ll suggest what it thinks is the stylish legal language to use.
” People can class in their side of an argument using their own words, and software with a machine literacy model matches that with a fairly correct way of saying it,” he says.

The 24- time-old and his company are grounded in Silicon Valley in California, but the establishment’s origins go back to London in 2015, when Mr Browder was 18.

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Donotpay claims that they have 150,000 paid subscribers. Some Critics saying that its a legal advice is not accurate enough. Last year, this company wins the award of American bar association for increasing legal access.
Mr. Joshua Overall Claims 80% Success rate. Mr.Joshua also claims that 65% for parking tickets, because “‘some people are guilty”.

“Prons & Cons”

One such attorney is Sally Hobson, a barrister at London-primarily based totally regulation company The 36 Group, who works on crook cases. She these days used AI in a complicated homicide trial. The case worried desiring to fast examine extra than 10,000 documents. The software program did the undertaking 4 weeks quicker than it’d have taken humans, saving £50,000 withinside the process. Lawyers the use of AI for help is “turning into the norm and now not a element that is first-class to have”, says Eleanor Weaver, leader govt of Luminance, which makes the software program Ms Hobson uses. More than three hundred different regulation companies in fifty five nations additionally use it, running in eighty languages.

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“Historically you had lots of (document checking) technology that have been no higher than key-word searches.Ms Weaver says like hitting Control-F to your laptop. By contrast, she says that cutting-edge state-of-the-art software program can join related phrases and phrases.

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“The World’s First Robot Lawyer,” will reportedly guard a human in courtroom docket for the primary time ever in February. The AI, that is to be had thru a subscription service, will pay attention to courtroom docket lawsuits thru the defendant’s telecell smartphone and offer recommendation thru an earpiece. DoNotPay’s AI is ready to deal with quite a few responsibilities which include preventing parking tickets, advising on university rate waivers, and providing recommendation on greater complicated topics. The first AI courtroom docket trial increases questions on the capability for robots to play a bigger function withinside the prison subject withinside the future.

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In 1980 Prof Susskind says he turned into absolutely horrified with the aid of using the concept of a laptop judge, however that he is not now. He factors out that even earlier than coronavirus, “Brazil had a courtroom docket backlog of extra than one hundred million courtroom docket cases, and that there may be no risk of human judges and legal professionals casting off a caseload of that size”. So if an AI machine can very accurately (say with 95% probability) are expecting the final results of courtroom docket decisions, he says that perhaps we’d begin considering treating those predictions as binding determinations, particularly in nations which have impossibly massive backlogs.


China is the first country who use artificial intelligence in the courtroom.
Last year the nation was revealed that they are using this technology to improve thier court system. Almost in every case judges must consult AI technology.

China already working & developing this smart court system since 2016 & at that time, One of their cheif justice says that this technology improve the variety & Credibility of the judicial system
China also build this technology in their police stations.

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“Conclusion thoughts”

As we know that, Ai technology is humans future & it may change the world thought perspective. But, sometimes we see many flaws in Ai or Robot technologies.So, Maybe it will take some more time to response,take decisions & think like human Correctly. So,after that we have don’t have options except take actions & launch these kind of robotic technologies.


what’s the purpose of world first robot lawyer ?

World first robot lawyer performs some tasks which includes preventing parking tickets, advising on university rate waivers, and providing recommendation on greater complicated topics.

How does World first Robot Lawyer works?

World first robot lawyer is able to solve problems of peoples like preventing parking tickets & Also give advice & best recommendation to the judge.

Does Robots take over humans jobs in future?

most probably the answer is yes , as far as we see the modern technology improves his AI system day by day, because humans have some natural weakness like humans did not able to work 24\7,human need food & sleep to work properly, but on the other hand robots don’t need any of these things.

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